What's the best way to order for my group? 

We suggest having a quick look through our à la carte section first to get a good overview of what we offer then dig deep into our various pre-designed packages that are below à la carte prices. We've put a lot of thought into these packages, they are intended to help save time and money. We are happy to help you find the right catering combination so please call our office at 030 627 32538 M-F 9am - 3pm 

Attention! As we are getting into our busy season, we can not ensure our availability for all online orders. To avoid any problems, please give us a call to check for capacity before making your order. 

If an order is placed without our confirmation, and we are unable to fulfill it, we will inform and refund you within 24 hours.

Order Deadline*: One day in advance by 12pm
Last-minute order? Call us! We'll see what we can do!
Delivery times: Monday - Friday: 8 - 10am Breakfast, 12-3 pm Lunch

No minimum order amount, delivery costs will apply
Please read our Delivery Protocol before making your order
*Breakfast Order Deadline: 3 days in advance