Standard Breakfast (individually packed)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to website limitations regarding delivery, breakfast orders must be placed and paid for separately from lunch orders. Alternatively, add your second delivery cost under "miscellaneous charge."


Each crew member will have their own personalized bag to take away! To help you feed your crew in a safe and responsible way, these individually packed breakfast bags are easy to "Grab and Go."


Breakfast Order Deadline: 3 days in advance

Delivery times: Monday - Friday 8am - 10am


16.50€* per person


Minimum order quantity: 10 and only in combination with a lunch order


Please only choose 1 style of breakfast (Vegetarian, Meats & Fish OR Vegetarian / Vegan)


*Price includes extra earth-friendly packaging and assembly costs

Standard Breakfast (individually packed)

16,50 €Preis

The Vegetarian, Meats & Fish Breakfast Package is 16.50€ per person and includes the following:

  • Assorted Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Sandwiches (1 p.P)
  • Muesli-Yogurt-Berry Mix (1 p.P) 
  • Assorted Mini Croissants / Muffins (1 p.P) 
  • Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit (1 portion p.P)