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Monday - Friday, 11:30am - 3:30pm


Stella is committed to producing fresh, made-with-love food that is at your disposal, sooner rather than later. 


At Stella, we are singlehandedly trying to change your perception of fast food. We're going so far as to introduce a new term altogether: Ready Dishes


The only thing we have in common with fast food is that our Ready Dishes are ready when you want them. They actually take quite a while to prepare and we get up very early to have our selection ready and waiting for you at lunchtime.


We offer warm entrées, cold hearty salads made with various grains, vegetables, legumes and more. There's a daily soup, and of course, we have our signature homemade sweets that are designed to please in one bite.


Vegetarian, vegan and meaty things are to be had, as we like to cater to as many of our guests as possible.  The menu is seasonally based and the ingredients are often locally sourced. The style is truly American in the sense that many global styles and flavors make an appearance.


Be sure to check out our delivery service: Stella Pre-Order  & make your order here!


Stella is primarily a take-away shop, so we make considerable efforts to use mainly recycled and recyclable packaging when and where we can.


You can find Stella at:


Weserstr 166

12045 Berlin


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