Stock up with Stella

Save up to (20%) off of a la carte prices when you choose to Stock-Up with Stella!

Save money and time with these Stella Stock-Up packages. By design, our menus can sustain a family for multiple days, make working from home more efficient and can take the pressure off of cooking all your meals… even if you do love to cook.

These Stock Up! packages are especially suited for sustaining you at home during these fairly trying times. You can have a meal plan for almost a full week. or a full dinner for a family.  We are happy to help relieve you of some cooking responsibilities with these healthy-ish and always delicious menus... made with care.
*** Make sure you have adequate Tupperware to store your Stella food in your fridge and space in your freezer for things to thaw and eat days or weeks later. 
*** All seasonal salads are designed to last up to 2-3 days, maybe even 4. Be sure to store your salads in airtight containers for a longer life span. 
*** As a catering company, normally servicing larger events and gatherings, we are trying to make use of our talents by reaching out to smaller groups and individuals. During lockdown and various restrictions, we are offering discounted delivery prices within 10km of our kitchen.  Please see our delivery zones at check-out.
REMEMBER: Buying in larger quantities will save you time and euros.



Lockdown Tips

NOTE: This box is for informational purpose only. You will find the discounted deliveries option on the cart page upon checkout.